Standalone Showplayer


To perfectly match all the various requirements of larger fountain show installations, Syncronorm’s V:Server is the perfect choice to run your multimedia shows. In combination with our potent fountain control software Depence, the V:Server is our most powerful stand-alone DMX-show-player, installable into any regular 19” rack system. The V:Server comes with a fully customizable and touch-optimized user interface (Live-Panel), ArtNet & RDM support, timecode features as well as the most flexible BMI system for logic sequences. Calculating in real time and with very flexible DMX I/O routing, the V:Server is available in two variants as the U8 comes up with 4096 DMX output-channels while the U16 version delivers up to 8192 DMX output-channels.

Key Features

BMI - Logic Automation
Touch-optimized HMI/LivePanel
Timecode I/O
DMX-RDM Support
ArtNET RDM Support
Sensor Connectivity
Remote Access
Music Playback
Dimensions19" 3HE 350mm depth
Weight13 kg
Protection ClassIP 20
Power Supply110V / 230V @ 50Hz
Operation Temperature0..40°C / 0..80% humidity
Connectors4x DMX RDM XML-5 pin, 1x DMX XLR 5-Pin Input
 2x RJ45 Ethernet, 2x XLR 3-Pin symmetric Audio
 2x DVI-Out, 1x SMPTE XLR 3-Pin, 1x RS232, 3x USB2.0
Memory120GB solid state harddrive